Alfredo  Pérez Muíño has created two solo performances, available alongside his work with The Chipolatas.


Circanelo is theatre, dance and acrobatics all rolled into one.

Alfredo creates a clown character with multiple resources who combines different disciplines to create an absurd story about an artist with the intention of presenting his show at all costs – with spontaneity, surprise and enthusiasm.

The public accompany him on this journey through a world of emotions, play and improvisation that arise from the conflicts with which he finds himself in this act of communication. This is a clown who does not hesitate to expose himself, to show himself to reach an audience of all ages. A versatile show for any indoor or outdoor space.


Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why we are here?

How the earth..such an insignificant pebble in the vastness of the universe became a changing planet, creating a unique phenomenon; the diversity of life?

Combining circus, dance and theatre – this performance is the canvas to draw the history of mankind on our planet. The childhood in space balanced with an uncertain future.Three acts of a hectic adventure that transform into tragedy unless we learn to make ourselves in charge of our destinies. Suitable for indoor spaces.